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Which team has the best football?

Which team has the best football?

Gazzetta dello Sport today publishes the results of our annual football poll and the best teams in Italy, as voted by the fans.

Here is how it’s done:We have two separate teams to choose from: the Serie A champions, Juventus, who currently sit top of the table, and a host of the Serie B and the Super Cup finalists, Milan, who have been relegated.

The results have been weighted to account for the influence of the national team, the likes of Gianluigi Buffon and Gianlucca Caponi, and other Italian footballing luminaries.

In this article, we have looked at how the two sides compare.

For the Serie C side, the team that is currently in the Serie D, the answer is the reigning champions, Napoli.

Napoli are on top of Serie A, with the Serie E side having won all four competitions.

The two sides are locked in a battle for the title, but there is no real difference between them.

The other side, Milan who are still in the hunt for a Champions League place, beat both Juventus and Napoli in the poll.

The Italian champions have been playing better recently and have a decent chance to qualify for the Champions League.

They have a much better record at the Stadio Olimpico, with five wins from seven games.

The best team in Italy is the one that has won five Serie A games, but not five Champions League games.

This is the team who beat Juventus last season and beat Milan in the Champions Cup.

The second best team is the first place team.

It is the Juventus who have won four Serie A matches and three Champions League matches.

It has beaten both Milan and Napolese.

Juventus are in a different position than Milan and have been in the title race for years, but they have not won a Champions or a Europa League final.

This team is in the position of having beaten the two highest-placed teams in Serie A and the Europa League, but has not played in either of the latter competitions.

They are in the same position as the second place team, which is the fifth place team in the table.

They have been champions twice in Serie D but never in the competition, and have not beaten the top two teams in the standings.

Napolitano’s team, who are in fifth place in the league table, are currently fourth in the overall table, while Milan’s are in fourth.

Napolese are the best team of the whole group, with four wins from eight games.

They beat both Juve and Milan last season, and also beat a team that has been in Serie E for a long time, Real Madrid.

Napolo have been looking more and more like a serious contender for a top four position, and are currently the favourite to finish second in Serie B.

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