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The New York Times

The New York Times

on the NYT headline and its impact on our lives article article The New Yorker, the most widely read American daily newspaper, is being forced to rethink its headline for the upcoming New Year.

The article will change its headline from “The Most Beautiful Man in the World” to “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman.”

A spokesperson for the Times told CNNMoney the headline had been a “fiasco.”

It has now been changed to “the most beautiful woman in the world,” according to a statement.

The NYT had originally planned to have a more generic headline “The Best New Year’s Resolution You’ve Never Heard Of.”

But the editor of the New Yorker’s editorial section, Emily Bazelon, told CNN in a statement that the headline was “a poor choice” and would be changed in the next issue.

“It is the most beautiful man in the history of the world, but it’s a terrible headline.

It has the opposite effect of what it says,” she said.

The Times had also planned to change the headline from the headline “the World’s Best and Most Innovative Business” to the headline, “The Newest and Most Creative Business in the Universe.”

But this year, the paper is changing it again to “businesses that can make the most of the digital age.”

The Times is also going back to the “Best New Year Resolutions” title for the New Year of 2018, as it has since 2014.

“We are now rebranding and rethinking our titles for the next three months,” Bazelons spokesperson told CNN.

“This is a new year, a new story and a new time.”

“This headline is not the best, but what the New York people want us to be is the best,” Byson said in a New Yorker interview.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a headline that says, ‘the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen,’ but there’s nothing wrong with ‘the world’s most beautiful.’

The headline has been controversial since it was first published in 2007. “

That’s the kind of thing we want to do.”

The headline has been controversial since it was first published in 2007.

It was first seen by New Yorker readers in the article “Who Are the Most Beautiful Women in the History of the World?” and was criticized for being misleading.

In a blog post at the time, Bazel on the New Republic said it “may have been the best headline in the past decade” but that “it’s not the only headline in our business.”

“The title has been a flop,” she wrote.

“People have said it’s misleading and not flattering, and that’s partly true, but the problem is the headline itself is not.

It’s a little misleading, because it says, the world’s greatest woman.

The world’s top 10 women, or 10 women who are the best in the business, is a little ambiguous, it’s unclear.

It doesn’t tell you how many women are at the top.

It says, who is the greatest business woman in history.”

“But the headline is wrong, because women aren’t at the very top of the list of most beautiful women in the entire history of humanity,” B Tyson wrote in a follow-up piece.

“What the New Yorkers really want is the title, ‘Who are the most incredible businesswomen in history?’

And that title is the wrong headline for them.

The headline should be the one that says ‘The world’s best businesswomen.’ “

The NYT wants to make the title the best thing ever.

The headline should be the one that says ‘The world’s best businesswomen.’

That’s the title that they want.”

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