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Why the world is missing the Anglo-Saxon Literary Club

Why the world is missing the Anglo-Saxon Literary Club

A small group of writers, scholars, and artists are calling for a new literary club to be established in the Anglophone world.

The literary group is calling for an international literary group to be formed to promote the literature of Anglo-Saskatchewan, a province of Canada that is home to many of the world’s leading writers and artists.

The group, which is being launched by the writer and publisher Lizzie MacNaughton, is the first of its kind in Canada, according to the group.

The writers and other artists involved have said the new literary group will offer a forum for writers and writers to speak about issues of inequality, inequality of access, and inequality of opportunity in Canada.

The Literary Club will provide the space for writers to collaborate and exchange ideas.

The goal is to help raise awareness about issues affecting Indigenous communities, MacNaghton said in a statement.

The writing group is also calling for more funding to help establish a literary institution in the province.

“The reason why we are calling on the provincial government is to provide us with more funds for the establishment of a literary club.

The province is also a source of support to writers and creative people of color in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and New Brunswick,” MacNagton said.

“It is our hope that our members, writers, artists, and supporters will be able to raise funds for this literary club in the coming years.”

MacNaghanton and the writing group plan to create a literary program that will focus on the history of the province, its Indigenous peoples, and Indigenous women, as well as the impact of colonization and racism.

She said that her group will continue to develop a literary agenda to provide a forum where Indigenous writers, writers and editors can meet and discuss issues of Indigenous representation in literature and the arts.

“I think it is important to have a literary body of literature to help to raise awareness of issues that affect our Indigenous peoples.

There are so many Indigenous issues that we all need to discuss, so we need to get involved in this conversation,” Macnaghanton said, adding that she hopes the group will inspire other writers and Indigenous artists to pursue literary pursuits in the country.

“We are all Indigenous people, and we are all impacted by colonialism and the effects of colonization,” she said.

The current Literary Club was formed in 2011 and was founded by the writers and publishers Mimi Liknes, Joanne Smith, and Anne McQueen.

In the group’s statement, Macnaghton stated that her team has been working on a literary project since 2011.

“Over the past two years, we have been working to establish a Literary Club to support the writers of our province and the writers from all over the world.

It is important that we can create a space for Indigenous writers to come together to share our stories, discuss the issues of our time, and find new and interesting ways to share their art,” Mac Naghton wrote.

“In 2017, we received funding from the Canadian Arts and Cultural Fund to support a literary group in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

This Literary Club has provided funding for our writing and our artists, providing them with the space to share ideas and share their work.

We are committed to expanding our literary club and we hope to be able work with our provincial government to support them to do this.”

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