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How to use syntax in fiction

How to use syntax in fiction

By Nissim Khatib,Al Jazeera EnglishThe term syntax is a verb meaning “to say”.

The term was first used by American writer Erving Goffman in his essay The Language Instinct (1932) to describe a way of understanding speech, where the word syntax refers to the way that language is made up of the sounds that it uses.

When writing a novel, syntax is crucial.

If your novel does not have a good metaphor for the world around you, it will be difficult to sell the story and will probably be rejected.

It is also crucial to use a good analogy for a character’s thoughts.

“The reason it’s so important to have a clear and meaningful metaphor is that you’re never going to find an example of a story where it’s not in some way tied to the metaphor, that it’s just the way it is.

And that’s where the metaphor comes in,” said David Hockett, a professor of psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.”

If you have a scene where a character is describing the way a particular thing feels, that doesn’t have a strong metaphor for what the character is thinking about.

It’s like a kid playing with a ball: if the ball doesn’t turn over at the end, the kid’s playing with an object that doesn: a ball.”

Hockett said a good example of this is the book “The Book of Love”.

The novel takes place in an alternate world where there is no love.

But the protagonist, Lyle, has no love, so his relationship with his wife, Sarah, is very strong.

But Sarah is not happy and she wants Lyle to have love.

Hocketti said there are many ways to use the word metaphor, but the word must be meaningful in order to sell your novel.

“In fiction, there is an opportunity for the reader to take something and use it as a metaphor for something else, so that the reader understands what the thing means,” he said.

“The thing that is most important is that the metaphor is clear, but that the meaning of the thing is clear.”

Hockingett said the most effective way to use metaphor is through the use of a good visual metaphor.

“The visual metaphor, which is really an image, has the ability to bring the reader into the experience,” he added.

“That’s why, for example, in ‘The Book Of Love’, the image of the ball is so important.

Because it really does take the reader in.”

Hocksett said if you want your story to be understood, it is important to use metaphors that are clear, and that are meaningful to the reader.

It is important for a writer to understand what the reader is thinking and feeling, he added, so you have something that is meaningful to them.

“It’s about making the reader feel something, something that they’re not sure they’re feeling.

It doesn’t matter what that feeling is, because that’s what the writer is trying to convey.”

It is really important to understand the emotions that people are going through, and to know what they’re thinking, and what they feel, so the reader can relate to that,” he concluded. “

If you don’t have that, you can’t make your story meaningful.”

It is really important to understand the emotions that people are going through, and to know what they’re thinking, and what they feel, so the reader can relate to that,” he concluded.

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