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A Doki Doki Literature for All Seasons

A Doki Doki Literature for All Seasons

A series of stories about life and love in India by poet D. N. Dondal, whose novels are widely published in English, have drawn international attention for their realistic portrayals of modern life.

The series, which spans five books, is part of a growing body of literature exploring contemporary India, with titles such as ‘The Last Day of My Life’ and ‘The Road to Nowhere’.

They are the first to be published in the country, which has seen the country’s first mass protests since the 2014 Lok Sabha election.

Dondal’s novels have been translated into a number of languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu and Gujarati.

In addition to the books, Dondals two autobiographical short stories, ‘The Path to Nowheres’, and ‘Nimbus’ have been published in a book called Dondala.

The titles of the five books are: A Man Called Dond, by S. A. Shriji; A Man, an Indian, by K. D. Joshi; A Road to Heaven, by N. Gopalakrishnan; A River in the Sky, by J. C. Bhargava; A Life in India, by R. R. Giri.

The author has previously written novels on the subject of the life and times of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, including ‘The Death of Indira’, which was the subject title of an article in The Times of India, and the other two books, ‘A Man Called A Man’, and the story ‘A Road to Paradise’, are in a compilation called The Story of the Nation.

“The Dondali series is a testament to the strength of my literary instincts, and its readers will enjoy this fascinating collection of short stories that are written in a realistic manner,” Dondaly told The Hindu.

“A Man called Dong is a wonderful story about a man who lives alone, with a young woman he has never met, in a village called Doka.

It is a true story about how a life can turn out so differently from what you expect.”

Dondaly’s books include ‘Aman’, ‘Road to Paradise’ and the three short stories ‘Nirbhaya’, ‘Karnataka’, ‘The Indian River’, and a novel called ‘Guru’.

He has also written the short story ‘Gauri’ which was published in The Hindu Magazine in 2013.

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