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The best way to start a novel

The best way to start a novel

article Reviewing the latest literary fiction in this collection, The Best Way to Start a Novel: A Guide to Literary Review Structure, offers a new way of beginning a novel, one that is both easy to use and easy to digest.

It’s an excellent guide for new writers and seasoned pros alike.

The book also includes a chapter on genre writing.

For those of us who prefer the traditional route of picking up a book and going on a novel-writing journey, The New Literary Fiction is a great starting point.

This is not a new concept to us, as many of us have been doing it for years.

We’ve been reading, listening, and reading and listening and listening, as a group, to writers like Philip Roth, George Saunders, and Robert W. Chambers.

As a veteran literary editor, I think it’s a good thing for writers to have this resource for a new approach.

I hope it will be a useful addition to your library.

This book is available in both hardcover and softcover formats.

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