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New study suggests the origins of Shakespeare are linked to the early life of Chinese children

New study suggests the origins of Shakespeare are linked to the early life of Chinese children

The research has uncovered evidence of a link between early life in China and the literary creations of the Chinese poet Cao Jing.

The study was carried out by researchers at Imperial College London and the University of California, Berkeley, and has been published in the journal PLOS ONE.

It was based on an analysis of the work of two writers, Cao Jing and the Chinese writer Wu Guohui, whose work has been used to help modernise the English language.

The work of Cao Jing The earliest surviving copies of Cao Jiajia’s work were found at the Chinese Cultural Centre in Beijing in the 1950s, where it was written in the style of classical Chinese poetry, which the scholar Wu Guoqiang interpreted as a way to address a deep concern of the early Chinese people.

Cao Jing, who died in 1963, wrote the poems in the early years of the Qing dynasty and later published a series of collections of them in the 1930s.

Wu Guodian’s work, which Wu Guoying has described as a fusion of poetry and prose, has been found at a Chinese hospital in Nanjing, where he died in 1951.

The research also looked at the works of two Chinese writers, Wu Guojian and Cao Jingqian.

Cao Jiazhuang, the director of the Imperial College China Department, said the work showed a “very strong correlation” between Cao Jing’s poetry and the work that was published in his works.

“The evidence is that Cao Jing was an important source for the development of Chinese literature, for Chinese history, and for Chinese literature in general,” he said.

“His work is very well documented in the literature of Chinese history and literature.”

Wu Guongliang, a writer who wrote several stories for children’s books, said Cao Jing had a huge influence on Chinese children.

“It’s the same with Wu Guosongli,” he told Al Jazeera.

“If you look at the stories he wrote for children, they were very good.

He was a very creative writer.”

Wu guoying, who has studied the work in depth, said he had read many of Cao Jiayuang’s works, and they were “very poetic”.

Wu Guozongli added: “I was amazed when I read Wu Guoi’s story and it’s very poetic.

It’s very profound.”

In addition to being the author of CaoJia’s stories, Wu Jiazhuan also wrote a collection of children’s poems, The Chinese Way of Reading, which was published at the beginning of the 21st century.

WuGuoying said that while the works were all about children, there were also “stories about Chinese history” and “stories of China”.

The researchers said that the research suggested that Cao Jiacuang had influenced children in the way that Wu Guochin’s works did.

Wu Jizhi said: “They’re all about China.

The first one that we found in Cao Jiahuang was about China, and the second one about the Chinese way of reading.

The last one was about the history of China.”

In the book, Cao Jiang also tells the story of a young boy who is sent to live with his grandfather, a teacher at a nearby school, in the summer.

CaoJiang’s work is thought to be the earliest surviving version of a Chinese story.

“Wu GuoQiang’s poems have always been about China,” Wu Guoysong said.

Wu Zhen, a Chinese literature scholar at the University the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said that Wu’s work also influenced the works published in Cao JingQiuang’s stories.

“As a scholar, I was very curious about these stories,” he explained.

“I had heard that Wu Jiahui was also a teacher of Chinese, and this is a teacher who was very well known for his poetry.”

He said the evidence presented by the researchers showed that the early works of Cao and Wu were “symbols of China and were very significant”.

Wu Jianhui, a professor of Chinese studies at the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, said Wu’s poetry was also important for China, saying that its use in writing “was a major contribution to Chinese culture”.

“Wujian’s poems are a symbol of the way of life of the people of the East, and as a result, their texts are very important for the Chinese people,” he added.

“Chinese people still use these texts to this day.”

Wu Zhe said that “the most important Chinese poet, the one that is most widely known, is Cao Jing”.

“This is the first time that a Chinese scholar has studied and understood the history and the literature behind these poems,” he stated.

“They tell a story about the life of Cao,” Wu Jianlai added.

He also pointed out that Wu and

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