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This book has no religious significance for atheists

This book has no religious significance for atheists

People who are agnostic or atheistic are more likely to be identified by others as atheists or agnostics.

And the more secular they are, the less likely they are to be able to say their religious identity in public.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re lying, argues sociologist Michaela Coyle in her new book, The Believer: The True Story of How the Atheist Movement Came to Be.

This book tells the stories of atheists in their communities, from the earliest days of the movement, to the present.

Coyle, a scholar of American religion at Boston University, has spent decades examining how atheism, agnosticism, and other nontheistic worldviews emerged, and what the consequences of those ideas for our world today.

She spoke with BuzzFeed News about her book, the history of atheism, and why it matters for our future.

You can read more about the book at www.believer.com.

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