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What do you need to know about young adult fiction?

What do you need to know about young adult fiction?

It’s been a rough few weeks for young adult novels.

In a week when more than 40 per cent of Canada’s fiction was made in the U.S. and the country’s two largest publishers — Tor Books and Simon & Schuster — announced they were shutting down their publishing operations in Canada, the genre’s future seemed grim.

The Canadian market is notoriously hard to sell, so when a Canadian book becomes a best seller, its success is usually met with a chorus of boos from the publishing community.

And while the U-K.

and UK have experienced massive waves of interest in young adult books in recent years, there’s been little momentum on the horizon in Canada.

That could change, however, with a new breed of Canadian author who are building a following with titles such as “Fifty Shades of Grey” and “The Boy Next Door.”

At this point, there are a number of young adult authors who have tapped into the market, and they’re finding it’s not easy to find traction.

The biggest name to hit the scene in recent months is John Joseph Adams, whose “The Last Song” is a haunting story about a man who leaves his family in the Middle East and finds himself in an idyllic rural community in rural Alberta.

Adams’ work is a rare gem in the genre — a book that’s both witty and heartfelt, and a testament to the creative power of the genre.

Another young author with a similar style is Joanna Russon, who is creating a unique spin on the classic fairy tale “The Snow Queen,” which has sold over 20 million copies.

A third young author, the acclaimed writer of “Fancy,” has released two new novels this year — both in English.

And there are many more in the works.

“It’s kind of a bit of a craze in Canada right now, with so many people coming in and writing, and writing and writing,” says Amanda Mankiewicz, the co-owner of the Young Adult Canada section at the Simon & St. John bookstore in Toronto.

“But I think there’s a little bit of optimism about young authors because the market is starting to get a bit more diverse and we’re seeing a lot of more women authors.”

At the same time, there is growing concern that the market for young adults has been hurt by a decline in the publishing industry’s visibility and quality.

In an interview with CBC News, young adult author and writer of the short-story collection “The Girl on the Train,” Margo Sturgis, said her work has not been the same since her first book hit shelves in 2009.

She said she felt like a “dying artist” and said she had to go on a “reconstruction tour” to recover her voice and find a place to publish.

While she’s confident that her books will become bestsellers, she said there are other young adult writers in the business who have been waiting for the right moment to make a splash.

Sturgis said she has worked with a number writers from all over the world, including her English teacher, who taught her how to write.

But she has also met writers who have had very different experiences in the industry.

Mankiewicz says young adult publishing has had a hard time adjusting to a rapidly changing industry.

While there have been plenty of new entrants, she says there’s not been a lot variety.

So many young people are writing the same type of books that we have been writing for decades, and the same publishers, which makes it hard for new voices to come in and stand out, she told CBC News.

Some young people feel that they’ve been left behind, Mankiewsis said.

There are also fears about the financial viability of the industry, which is now facing an uncertain future.

Last year, Tor Books said it was halting its publishing operations and laying off its full-time staff.

According to its latest earnings report, the company’s sales for 2016 were down $3.4 million compared to 2015, the year before the publisher announced it was shutting down.

Tor was founded in 1988 by Mark Z. Danielewski, who co-founded the literary magazine Tor.com.

Its motto is “read first, publish later.”

Tor Books will shut down operations by April 29.

(Simon & Schusters)It’s not the first time that Tor has announced its plans to shut down its publishing operation.

When it was founded, the publishing company was struggling financially and its business model was struggling.

It also had a lot on its plate: The publisher was facing the possibility of closing the doors of its Edmonton, Alta., publishing headquarters and its offices in Ottawa and Toronto.

Z D Danielwski was the publisher’s president when it was formed in 1988.


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