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What you need to know about the bible and the bible as a literature

What you need to know about the bible and the bible as a literature

Google News is the best way to find out what is happening in the world today.

Read on to find the top 10 things you need in your search.1.

What is the bible?2.

Is it the word of God?3.

What does it mean?4.

What do we mean by ‘the word of god’?5.

What are the main differences between the Bible and other Christian scriptures?6.

Is the bible canonised in the Bible?7.

How did the Bible become a canon?8.

How do we know that the Bible is the word, not the opinion of a single individual?9.

What kinds of books have been written by the authors of the Bible who were not Christians?10.

Are there other books or works of literature in the bible that we should know more about?1.

The bible is the Word of God.2.

It is the book of life.3.

It contains the Bible’s teachings.4.

It’s the inspired word of the Lord.5.

It describes what God is doing.6.

It represents God’s plan for the future.7.

It gives a summary of the life of God as seen from the perspective of human beings.8.

It shows how God’s actions and plans are working out in the present.9.

It reveals God’s plans for the present, future and the future beyond.10.

It presents the Bible as the word and wisdom of God for the world to understand.1 The Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit, not a single human writer.2 It is not a work of man, it is the gift of God from God.3 It is a record of the past.4 It shows God’s love for mankind, for his people, for all creation.5 It is an example of the way God’s kingdom will end.6 It is God’s inspired record of what happened in the past, present and the past future.

7 It is also a record for the people to follow.8 It is more than a book.9 It is about the future and about God’s relationship with mankind.10 It is one of the three living, authoritative books of the New Testament.

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