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How to write the perfect line for an Australian ballad title How To Write The Perfect Line For An Australian Ballad

How to write the perfect line for an Australian ballad title How To Write The Perfect Line For An Australian Ballad

If you’ve got a favourite Australian balladeer, you’ve probably already done it before.

But if you’re not, then you might want to read on, as they may be your favourite Australian poet, playwright or playwright-in-residence.

The Australian poet and playwright, Michael P. Smith, wrote a poem that was famously used in the song The Ballad Of Mary Ann. 

The poem, The Balladeer’s Daughter, was composed in 1893 by William Blake, and it was widely adapted and performed by Australians.

It’s a bit of a departure from many ballad classics, but it’s a great piece of music and a great ballad.

It is about a woman who sings, and she sings in a way that feels almost real.

The ballad is also a bit difficult to sing, as it involves a woman being put in the middle of a ballad, and trying to get her voice to work with the other characters. 


Smith was born in Queensland, but he moved to the States when he was eight.

He moved to Australia in 1890, and lived in Melbourne for several years, before returning to the country in 1897.

He continued to write ballads, and wrote more poems, but died in 1918.

His poem The Ballacadeer is one of the most famous of his.

It was originally published in 1891 in The Australian and was written by a poet, John A. Rundle.

The poem is about Mary Ann, a young woman who was born into poverty, and was the daughter of a wealthy Australian.

Her father was an attorney, and he owned the bar where she grew up.

Mary Ann is also portrayed as being quite intelligent and strong-willed, as she is always at the centre of the proceedings.

The Ballcadeer is also very funny, with a great cast of characters.

It contains an interesting story of how the Ballad originated, and how it ended up being used as the title of a song by the American songwriter Johnny Mercer.

It would also be the title song for the band The Merry Pranksters.

The song The Song Of Mary Anne is also about Mary Anne.

There are a few other songs that are also about her, including A Long Time Ago, and The Ball. 

In 1901, Smith had a book published, called The Ballas Daughters, and published in 1903, called Ballas Family.

The book was very successful, and the poem The Long Ballad of Mary Ann was performed by The Ballads Daughters and the Merry Pranks, in the 1910s.

This is one reason why the Ballads is remembered so fondly.

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