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“I can’t wait to write a book about the Holocaust!”

“I can’t wait to write a book about the Holocaust!”

Author John McWhorter is no stranger to controversy.

He’s been called a Holocaust denier and accused of racism, but he’s also been lauded for his work as a novelist.

In “The Black Man on the Train,” the first book in McWhorters latest novel, he tackles the legacy of the Holocaust.

And he’s set his sights on a book that’s been described as “a book about racism in America” — but he says he’s not interested in that.

Instead, he wants to explore the idea of racism as a story about race, class and the nature of white supremacy.

The Black Man On the Train is McWhoser’s latest effort to explore racism in the American literary canon.

And it has been met with a mixed response.

“I know that many people have criticized my book, saying that it’s racist and that it doesn’t address the legacy and the legacy is racism,” McWhoter told Al Jazeera.

“So, I want to explain to you, that the legacy, the legacy can be seen in many ways, from the book itself, through the history of the book, and it can be written in any number of ways, and that I think it is possible to write this book about this legacy and that legacy and to have it be more of a history than just the history in the book.”

In McWhorr’s novel, a group of African-American students at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, where he grew up, learn of the genocide.

“When you have a mass murder, the majority of the people are innocent, and they don’t want to accept the guilt that they have,” one of the students tells the professor.

“But when they are told that they are the victims of the crime, and not of the perpetrators, they will have to accept that they were the victims.”

But McWhatter argues that this is only the beginning of the story of how racism affects African-Americans.

“The fact that a book is written, that it is written with a particular message and the message is racist, and the fact that it has this racial element, it has that racist element, and then it is about the legacy that you’re seeing, the impact that you are seeing,” he said.

“And then the impact of that legacy is, you know, I think, going to be more about the racism that has been brought to bear on African- Americans and on women, on people of color.”

It’s a difficult and difficult journey, McWhaser admits.

“It is challenging, and you have to deal with the racism.

It is challenging to find a way to tell a story that doesn’t feel like it is going to affect you, doesn’t seem to affect the people around you, and doesn’t sound like it’s going to impact your relationship with people.

But it is a story.

And I think that it can help to bring a little bit of light and humor to some of these issues and give you a little insight into some of the realities that exist in the United States,” McWater added.

“In my opinion, the Black Man’s on the Trail is a book for all of us, because there are some things that we all need to look at and try to work through, and some things we all have to work to change, and I think the book will help people to do that.”

McWhaters book, which is due to be published in early 2019, is one of three novels he’s published in the past five years.

The other two are “The People’s Guide to the United Kingdom” and “The American Race.”

Both of these books focus on the experiences of African Americans, and McWharton says that they’re also a kind of anti-colonialist work.

“These books, in my opinion are anti-racism,” he told Alja Seiler in an interview.

“They are anti imperialism.

They are anti white supremacy, and anti American.

And they are anti the United Nations.

And that’s it.

And then of course, they are also anti-capitalist.

They’re anti colonialism.”

“The people’s guide to the UK” is a collection of short stories written by McWhater and published by Simon and Schuster in 2016.

“American Race” is the second book in the “Black Man’s On the Trail” series.

“A man who’s an ordinary American with a history of racism who has the opportunity to start over in the new world and be a black man in a white supremacist country is one story that I want people to see and experience, and to think about,” McWhitner told Aljazeera.

“You know, people have a history and you know that, and so you don’t always see it on a daily basis, and there are a lot of black people in the US, but you have this little story that’s going on.

So I want it to be something

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