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Which Victorian novel is the best?

Which Victorian novel is the best?

A review of the literature prize won by two Victorian authors has found the work of two of the country’s most acclaimed authors is the most literary.

The two authors, who are among five winners, included Anne Sexton’s The Good Shepherd and Elizabeth Bowen’s The Woman Called Madeline, both of which were shortlisted for the Booker Prize.

“I can’t think of another author who is as deeply rooted in Victorian literature,” Ms Bowen said.

“In the Victorian novel, we have two writers who are really, really, deeply rooted, both writers have had a huge impact on Victorian literature.”

Ms Sexton, the winner of the 2015 National Book Award, said she felt the award had been “a kind of reward for a kind of a lifetime”.

“I have two novels in my library,” Ms Sexton said.

She said the two writers had been influential in influencing her own work.

“They’re not just writers; they’re writers who have had huge influence in the way I think about the world,” she said.

The winners are the Australian Writers’ Society’s annual awards, which are held every two years.

The award is given annually to an Australian writer, and is chosen by a panel of members of the public and literary professionals.

The 2015 winner, the novel The Good Wife by Gillian Flynn, is the only one of the seven nominated.

The prize is given to writers who “make the best of a literary environment, where writers are treated like artists, and where their stories are the centre of attention”.

It is an annual prize that is awarded to a writer for their work in one or more of the fields of fiction, non-fiction, biography, nonfiction and poetry.

The 2017 winner, The Woman called Madeline by Anne Sextons widow, is a novel about a woman who is a widow.

The novel is set in the 1860s and is “written with a sense of humour and humour that is a mixture of wit, wit that is inescapable”.

“It’s about women in their own way who are going through some very difficult times and in particular the female suffrage movement, the Victorian period, the suffrage era, women’s suffrage,” Ms Beech said.

Her novel is a sequel to the first novel, which was published in 1999.

Ms Severell said she was “very proud” of her novel, but did not want to be too critical.

“It was a very happy moment for me,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“We wrote the first book together about the same time, and we had a very strong sense of friendship, and I wanted to do the same thing, so I had no reason to be upset.”

Ms Bowen, the best-selling author of the Booker Award, is one of six Victorian writers to win the prize.

Her novels include The Good Hunting and The Woman Calling Madeline.

The Booker awards have traditionally been the most prestigious literary awards in the world.

They are considered to be one of Australia’s best prizes for the best novel, short story and poetry and are voted on by members of literary society.

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