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Why I was reading more books in Hindi when I was a teenager

Why I was reading more books in Hindi when I was a teenager

When I was in my early teens, I was fascinated by all kinds of literature, especially Indian literature, including the novels by Ramanujan, Gita, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

But I also wanted to read about the world outside my village, outside my caste and the caste system.

The idea of reading books from other cultures inspired me to start my first literary journey.

The first book I ever read was an obscure literary novel by a man called Gautam Bhattarai.

His book, A Man in the Forest, was published in 1859.

I had read it at the age of 13, and I remember being quite shocked.

It was a simple story about a boy, named Mardh (Mardesh), who grows up in a forest and has to protect his family.

He is a member of the Vaishali caste, a sub-caste in Tamil Nadu.

His parents are also Vaishalis, his grandfather is a Vaishalas, and his mother is a Mardesh.

This story was written in a rural style, and the tone was a bit grim.

But, it was also about an ordinary family in a harsh climate.

It made me realize that there was so much more to reading than the simple narrative.

After reading his novel, I wanted to learn more about the Indian sub-culture.

A few years later, I started reading more of his novels and stories.

I realised that the stories and the characters in his novels were very real.

After all, his novels are full of heartache and sadness.

I began to wonder about the different worlds of these characters.

My interest in literature grew, and my reading became more active.

I started to read some more Indian literature and read more of Bhattari’s books.

It took me around 15 years to get interested in the literary world.

It wasn’t until my late 20s that I started seriously reading literature from India.

After a while, I got interested in politics.

I was deeply involved in politics during my youth and after that, I became an active member of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which was in power at that time.

I took up writing and studied literature from a variety of perspectives.

In 2013, I joined the Bharatiyas Congress Party (BCP) as its general secretary.

The BCP is the largest opposition party in India.

I have been in the BJP since 2014 and I am the general secretary of the BJP.

In recent times, I have become interested in political topics like climate change and human rights.

The BJP is the oldest and the largest party in the country and it has an impressive history.

I joined as a writer to help people across the country understand the issues of the day.

The only reason I joined was because of my love for politics.

There are so many important issues in our society that we have to grapple with.

I am very interested in literature.

I read about history, politics, religion, and economics.

But when it comes to literature, I am a big fan of Bhatarpur Bhattarkar’s novel “A Man in India”.

I am fascinated by the story of how a young girl named Marnat comes to India and finds herself in an unfamiliar place.

Marn at one point finds herself at the house of the late ruler of Bengal, Bhairavendra (Bhaskar Bhattars) and has no one to talk to.

After her father’s death, Marnats younger brother, Bhatar, and her brother’s sister, Soman, are the only people who care for her.

Mankat’s story is a tragic one and I think it is very realistic.

Bhattarpur’s novels have captivated me.

I also read the story by Raja Pramod and his novel “Gita”.

I think that Bhattas stories have much in common with the ones I am reading today.

Bhatrarpur Bhaskar has written many books on the Indian Subcontinent and I love reading them.

I hope that I will read more Indian fiction as the age gets older.

As I get older, I hope to become a writer.

I wish to write about life as it is in India, not as it was in the subcontinent.

I love Indian literature so much.

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