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‘A new world’: Metaphor and the use of metaphor in literature

‘A new world’: Metaphor and the use of metaphor in literature

On March 4, 2016, in Dublin, the poet-poet Keno Mori and the novelist and essayist Alyssa Wong, both based in the city, delivered a poem entitled “A New World.”

The two artists had collaborated on a book titled The Metaphors of Literature, which was published in 2013 by the University of Chicago Press.

“A new book about the Metaphorical Imagination” The title was an acknowledgement of the “new world,” which the poem posits is not just a place of new discoveries and new discoveries but a new world of metaphor, metaphorical imagery and the creative use of language.

It is an assertion that, like the previous generation of poets, Mori and Wong have often been critical of, particularly when they have spoken about language’s influence on the art and literature of their times.

In a previous essay, for instance, they argued that the term “literary” should not be understood as a reference to any particular medium or style of writing.

“We have to think about the art form in its totality and the power of the language itself,” they wrote.

“And then, in the process, we must consider whether the medium itself is just another form of media that can be used to represent ideas and values.”

In this new book, Mori was exploring the “metaphors” of literature, and Wong was exploring their use of metaphorical language, in terms of their own personal experiences.

This is not the first time that they have collaborated.

In an essay for the New Statesman, the writers pointed out that they are both artists who were inspired by and influenced by the work of other writers like J.D. Salinger, who, like Mori, was born in the U.K. in 1941.

But the two artists also have had strong personal and professional disagreements.

In the essay, Wong suggested that she was not “really into” Mori’s poetry, arguing that he wrote “so much nonsense” and was “so utterly incapable of being serious.”

She argued that Mori “never wrote anything that could be called serious,” but only “foolish, stupid, or ridiculous.”

Mori, however, insisted that Wong’s poems “really are about real life” and that “there are certain things in these poems that are genuinely true,” like “the loneliness of being a refugee.”

In a separate piece for the Irish Times, Wong criticized Mori for using the word “pussy” as a synonym for “women” in a poem.

“I have heard the phrase ‘pussy’ used by people who are really not aware that the word ‘porn’ is a pejorative term, that it has been used in a derogatory way, to degrade, and that it’s used by women to degrade,” Wong wrote.

She pointed out, “There are times in literature where the words of the narrator are just plain wrong, and the reader can feel uncomfortable about what is being said.”

In an interview with The Irish Post, Mori admitted that he used the word as a way of referring to the women he was writing about, “but I didn’t mean it in a bad way.”

Wong said that “some of the things I was trying to say in the poem are actually true, but there’s a lot of humour and wit in it that I’m not sure Mori intended.”

But, as Mori wrote in his essay, he does not use the word to mean “the dirty and unpleasant” or “that sort of thing.”

Instead, he said that he meant “people who are very comfortable in their own skin.”

And, in his book, he argued that “people can be very comfortable with their own gender and sexual identity, and it is a very human thing.”

In his essay for The Irish Sun, Wong also said that Mori is “really in the wrong” when he uses the word.

“It’s just a word.

It doesn’t mean anything,” she said.

“So I really think he’s misusing the word, because there’s nothing wrong with being a person of your own gender or sexual identity.

It’s a choice.”

Alyssia Wong, in her book The Metacommunity, argues that Mori was not being “serious” in his use of the word in his poem.

He was not trying to show how people feel, she said, but rather how “it feels to be a person who is a part of a group that doesn’t have any idea of how they feel.”

Mori and his wife have had a tumultuous relationship.

The poet-activist has been accused of domestic violence and, last month, of being an “insulting misogynist.”

And Wong is no fan of Mori, who she says has made it his mission to “make her feel like a ‘woman.'”

He has also taken issue with the way she writes about her own experience of sexual assault and violence. She told

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