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How to write an electric novel with a book that looks like it’s a book

How to write an electric novel with a book that looks like it’s a book

The idea of an electric book is nothing new.

But if you look at the last 100 years of literary research, there’s been a clear shift in focus to the idea of a “literary novel”.

The idea that a work is a literary work is becoming increasingly outdated, and we’re starting to see more and more research that tries to prove that it’s not a literary text at all.

A number of different authors have tried to make the case that a literary novel is a novel, but with a different name and with a slightly different style.

The idea behind an electric literary novel was to take the work of a traditional author, turn it into an electronic text that looks and feels like a book, and turn the reader into an author who can read the text and write about it.

To try and get an idea of what an electric electric literary text might look like, I decided to try writing a novel using a novel titled The Light.

I started by thinking of how I would write the book.

First of all, I would want to write it in a style that would allow me to make it look like a novel.

So I wanted to use a kind of minimalist technique: the idea that the novel should be a story that follows a plot, that follows some characters, that doesn’t follow much else.

I would start with a character, and then I would introduce a few plot elements, and I would then create the world of the novel by putting all the characters in a place that they didn’t necessarily have to be there, or not necessarily present in that place, but I want to bring them together, and to bring some sort of a feeling to them.

The novel would then be like a series of scenes, where each scene would be like it was a novel within a novel; the character would interact with the world, the world would interact back to the character.

This is the essence of what I would do with The Light: the story would be a series or a series’ of scenes.

I also wanted to create some kind of mystery in the novel, to make me want to read it.

So, I wanted the book to be about a series, a series’.

It would be set in a time and place that was set in the world we would be writing about.

I wanted it to be set before the invention of the typewriter, before computers were invented, before the development of the internet.

But I also want it to have a sort of mystery about it, a mystery about what happened to it, to keep it from being just a story of an ordinary man going about his life, and a story about an ordinary woman going about her life, all of a sudden, after her husband dies.

So the novel would have a mystery to it that was like a film.

It would have mystery and a mystery of its own, a mysterious mystery.

Then I wanted each scene to be different from the other, and each scene should have its own plot, its own structure, its its own setting, and its own tone.

The book should be like something that was written on a piece of paper, or on paper with a pencil and a marker.

The structure of the story, the way that the story was structured, was going to be very much like a story written on paper, with a typewriter in front of it.

I felt like it could be a very clever novel, and if I wrote it as an electronic novel, it could work quite well.

And, I also felt like that would be the most appropriate kind of electronic novel for a book.

I was looking at a lot of books that were already written, but were trying to use different kinds of technology to get to that point.

So for example, I was reading a lot by John Berger, the author of the classic book The Book of Eli, which is set in modern day, post-modern world.

I had read some of his earlier books, and so, I started to look into his work a bit more.

I came across The Book Of Eli, and it reminded me a lot, a lot more of the way he wrote it, and what it was like to write.

But it wasn’t a novel that he had written, it was written by a person, and that person had done a lot with the typewriters and the digital printing process, so it had a very, very modern feel to it.

It was a very different kind of writing.

And the book was very much an electric electronic novel.

The story, which was set after the invention and the development, the digitalization of the writing machine, and the fact that all of this happened on a very small scale, it’s very much a story set in that time and that place.

And it also had this kind of an emotional, almost, a melancholy quality about it; it had this melancholy quality because it was set so long after the

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