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How does the mood in literature affect you?

How does the mood in literature affect you?

This week, the moods of some of our favourite literature characters are put to the test in a special mood quiz.

The mood quiz aims to reveal the mood of a character in relation to their literary background.

Read moreA mood quiz asks a number of questions and gives you a range of different responses.

One of the questions asks you to write down a description of a particular character.

This can include their appearance, their voice, or even their mannerisms.

The mood of the character will then be compared to the descriptions given.

For example, a character might be described as a kind, generous, gentle and kindhearted person, but their character’s mood could be described in a way that is more “serious” or “creepy”.

What do you think of the mood quiz?

Do you agree or disagree?

Let us know in the comments below.

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