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New Yorker writer, poet, and essayist James Baldwin has been honored by the American Humanist Association

New Yorker writer, poet, and essayist James Baldwin has been honored by the American Humanist Association

NEW YORK — James Baldwin has won the National Humanist Award, a prestigious award presented annually by the AHA, a national advocacy organization for atheists, agnostics and freethinkers.

Baldwin was named to the honor at its annual awards dinner in New York City on Sunday night.

He received the honor from the ABA’s executive director, Katherine Grant, as well as fellow atheist and humanist Robert Putnam.BALDWIN was born in Brooklyn on April 4, 1930.

The elder Baldwin was a well-known writer, writer-director and activist, and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954.

He also was awarded a Distinguished Service Medal, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and other awards.

He is best known for his fiction, essays and poetry, most notably “The Death of Joan of Arc” and “Lolita,” which were adapted into films and TV series.

In an interview with NBC News in 2016, Baldwin described his life as “one of the most fulfilling of any writer I’ve ever known.”

He said he was drawn to writing by the desire to “make a better world.”

He noted that he has been in contact with more than 200 people through the AIA and other humanist organizations.

The AHA’s Executive Director Katherine Grant said that Baldwin’s award recognizes “his extraordinary commitment to the human condition and his work of courage and strength.”

The award recognizes his extraordinary commitment as an advocate for the voiceless, the voiceworker, and the vulnerable.

Grant said that the award was not given out to just one writer, and that Baldwin was “one among thousands of writers who have inspired us all.”

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