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A new book by an American author about America’s past is out: The Great Migration is finally here!

A new book by an American author about America’s past is out: The Great Migration is finally here!

In 2016, the book was released to great acclaim and a global audience.

The book is now available on Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

The author, Susan M. Blume, tells the story of how the United States was founded in 1776, and she also explains how the American dream became a myth.

Blume writes that her book is about America from the very beginning, from the idea of land grants to the founding of the federal government, the American Revolution and the civil rights movement.

She also explores how the story and the American people’s history has changed through time, through the passage of time and the creation of new states and new nations.

The novel focuses on the immigrant experience and its impact on the United Sates history.

Blumen and her husband, George, founded Blume & Co., an architectural firm based in Seattle that designed homes for immigrants.

The couple has two daughters and five grandchildren.

The Blumen’s own father-in-law, Frank Blumen, is the author of the book The Making of a Nation.

In his book, Frank describes how the Blumen family was part of the “First Generation” of immigrants who arrived in America.

Frank Blumé has written that the Blumes’ story of immigration, as told in The Making, is one of “the most moving and important books I have read in my life.”

Blum is a professor of sociology at Harvard University.

She lives in Boston with her husband and two sons.

She told the New York Times that she was surprised by the acclaim she got for her book.

“I was really surprised, really pleased, because I was kind of surprised to get so much positive feedback from all these different places, because this book was such a different and exciting experience for me,” she said.

“But also, to be able to share it with people that are so supportive and so eager to hear it is really something that I’m very proud of.”

The book focuses on a specific time and place, the 18th century, when the United State was struggling economically and culturally.

Blaum says that her goal in writing The Making was to help people understand how immigration has shaped the United STATES and how it has affected its culture.

“It’s about the idea that a new country was created that was different and more complex than what it was,” Blum said.

Blumm told the Times that her novel will be available in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

“We’re hoping that we’ll be able publish it in multiple languages and we’re hoping we’ll get a lot of attention in that space, which is really what we’re all after,” Blume said.

The making of a nation: A new American book by Susan M Blume is now out on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

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