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Tencent’s “Asian-inspired” books will now be free to download

Tencent’s “Asian-inspired” books will now be free to download

Tencent has launched a new service called “Asian inspired” books, which will make it easier for readers to discover the best new titles.

Read MoreChinese author Cheng Hongli is set to debut a new series of novels called “Luo Yang” this month.

He said the series would be “full of Asian culture, and it’s about a boy from China who’s always hungry for adventure”.

“Luo is obsessed with all things Asian,” Cheng said.

“He is very interested in his culture and he wants to learn as much as he can.

This is one of the first books in the series, and the title translates to ‘Luo’s book’.”

The books will be available in both print and ebook formats, with Cheng’s previous work on the subject being a feature in the Chinese New Media magazine.

“It’s a new form of storytelling and a new way of presenting literature,” Cheng added.

“There are many different kinds of storytelling in Chinese literature and it really is something unique.

It’s an interesting topic for me to write about.”

The publisher has also launched an “Asian inspiration” collection, with books like “Fairy Tales of a Chinese Family”, “A Romance of a Buddhist Family” and “Liu Xian, a Chinese Novelist”.

In an interview with Chinese broadcaster CCTV last month, Tencent chairman and CEO Lei Jun vowed to continue pushing the boundaries of Chinese literature.

“We’re trying to do more with more content,” Lei said.

“The goal is to reach more people, and to be able to offer a more complete range of content in the future.”

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